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Product quality inspection program

ST Rubber Company has applied software to check the quality of products and services. In order to focus on the quality of products and services to be accurate and fast And we are continuously developing by letting software play an important role in our products and services in the future

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Important policies in management and production of automotive parts to maintain quality

ST Rubber Factory Company Limited
We have a main policy in the administration and production of automotive parts to maintain quality is Produce only quality products with international standards on the basis of customer satisfaction, both quality and service. By focusing on increasing skills and capabilities of employees And continuous development of work processes. The company gives importance to work at every point, whether in production or management. And recreation activities Employee sports For maximum benefits and efficiency

We focus on the development of knowledge in the organization in the quality management system.

"S.T. RUBBER FACTORY CO.LTD" We focus on the development of knowledge in the organization. To comply with international standards ISO9001: 2015 and IATF16949: 2016 in order to get the most benefits in managing quality systems. Makes us confident in our products and services that are of premium quality

Inspection of product quality using information technology.

ST RUBBER FACTORY CO.LTD. We use information technology to develop data for product quality audits. To focus on the highest quality products for customers "Think about quality, miss us"

ผ้าเบรคกึ่งโลหะ (Nikoyo Daimond)

Nikoyo Brake. This name you are confident.
Another type of Nikoyo Brake pads
Introducing "Nikoyo Daimond" semi-metallic brake pads
Answering to heavy truck users Speed ​​car

Semi-metallic brake pads (Nikoyo Daimond)
Advantages Heat resistant to 650 degrees
Coefficient of friction stable at all temperatures
Short braking distance
☑ Suitable for vans Heavy truck And cars that use speed

ขั้นตอนการผลิต BUSHING

ISO 9001:2015/IATF 16949:2016

ST Rubber Co., Ltd. We are the manufacturer of molds and injection molding for undercarriage, auto parts that have been ISO 9001: 2015 certified in quality management and the company has received the new IATF 16949: 2016 certification for Automotive customers This is what we focus on product quality and confidence for every customer.

Internal instrument calibration laboratory ref.ISO / IEC 17025

S.T.RUBBER FACTORY We have quality systems that can be certified according to ISO / IEC17025 standards in testing and calibration of internal instrumentation. To confirm our products that have accurate quality measurements With personnel capable and trained from organizations with standards such as the Department of Science and Thai-Japanese Technology Promotion Association, etc.

NIKOYO BRAKE ชื่อนี้ที่คุณมั่นใจ

S.T.RUBBER FACTORY company, in addition to producing automotive spare parts, also sells automobile brake pads, Nikoyo Brake brand, which is a ceramic brake pad (Ceramic)
The ultimate innovation that has been developed to support city driving or long distance travel.
This brake pad has special features designed to provide a high friction coefficient. Which allows short braking distance Reduce noise problems well Without causing black dust on the wheels and not causing disc brake wear Which increases safety and increases the confidence of the driver since the first use
The outstanding features are as follows.
1. Does not contain asbestos (cause respiratory diseases)
2. Quality products Contains CERAMIC fibers. The advantage of ceramic brake pads is that it does not cause abnormal noise.
3. Free of iron fiber ingredients That causes noise while braking and rusting
4. Free from dust and black wheels
5. Brake to the foot No noise
6. Quality brake pad texture Does not cause disc brake wear
7. Suitable for urban or long-distance users
8. There is a friction coefficient of 0.38-0.43 at 0-550 degrees Celsius.
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